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"We aim to become the link between elite performance and the public; pushing sports people to their highest potential whilst providing communities with health services similar to those that compete on a global platform."

Sports Massage | Physiotherapy | Osteopath

About Us

With over 35 years of combined experience coaching, treating and training with international athletes, we've gained an abundance of world class knowledge about elite training programmes and the lifestyle that coincides with it. 
Everyone needs to perform in their own way, whether it's competing for your nation, against your Fit Bit or

at work and home.  In order to perform to the best of your ability, the body needs to be fuelled,

serviced and running smoothly.

We're here to make sure you're in TOP condition to perform!

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Beth Dobbin

Alex has been my main therapist in Loughborough since 2014. He has not only kept me injury free, but ensured my body is in the best possible condition to train and compete. I have tried a lot of therapists over the years and none are quite like Alex. He always goes the extra mile and his treatment is the best I have ever received from a massage therapist. I couldn’t recommend him more and I wouldn’t have achieved everything I have done without him.

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